Trinnov La Remote

# TRIN041000
USB controller for Trinnov Optimizers
Trinnov La Remote: USB controller for Trinnov Optimizers
Estimated delivery: #WAARDE! € 750,00 excl. VAT
" Compatible with any Trinnov processor
" Standard USB Type B connection (self-powered device), can be plugged into the processor or on any MacOS workstation running the Trinnov App.
" 8 user assignable buttons with multiple layers (assignments done from the processor).
" Button functions always displayed on screen.
" Assignable functions:
o Speaker Sets / Sources (D-Mon)
o Presets, profiles, snapshots
o Headphone, cue mixbus level (D-Mon)
o Per speakers solo / mute grid

" Network setup mode to adjust / retrieve Trinnov unit's IP address without external screen & keyboard.
" Studio logo can be displayed on the remote's screen.
" Automatic firmware update
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