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# NOWS402000
Power conditioner and distribution unit
NowSonic PowerPlant: Power conditioner and distribution unit
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NowSonic PowerPlant: Power conditioner and distribution unit 3
NowSonic PowerPlant: Power conditioner and distribution unit 4
NowSonic PowerPlant: Power conditioner and distribution unit 6
PowerPlant is a power supply and power conditioner for installation in 19'' racks and cabinets with outlets for 10 peripherals on the front and rear panel. PowerPlant stabilizes the incoming AC voltage in the range from 170 to 260 VAC and provides uncompromised protection against electrical surge and voltage peaks. The power on and off of external amplifiers and other peripherals can be time-staggered thanks to the internal sequencer.

The 10 IEC 230 outlets are grouped and provide individual filter settings for connecting analog or digital devices and for operation with high loads. External USB devices can be connected and charged via an USB port on the front panel. Multiple PowerPlant units can be linked to handle higher loads. PowerPlant ensures a fault free operation of your equipment in an optimized voltage range and protects against expensive repairs and downtime of your equipment.

Stabilization of input voltages in the range from 170 to 260 VAC
Protects the connected devices from electrical damage
10 IEC-320 outlets in 3 groups
Delayed power-up and power-down of the connected devices
Extremely fast response to transients and surge below 1 nanosecond
Status overview via LEDs and input voltage display on the front panel
Dimmable, retractable LED light
Handling of current peaks up to 6,500 amps

Current rating: max. 10 amps
Operating voltage: 170-230 VAC
Maximum surge current: 6,500 amps
IEC outlets: 10 x filtered (3 x Digital, 3 x Analog, 2 x High Power, 2 x unswitched)
Response time: 1 nanosecond
Voltage indicator: yes, input
Weight: 3.25 kg
Dimensions: 483 x 45 x 230 mm (H x W x D)

In the box:
Power cord
User manual

Power conditioner for live and studio racks
Surge protection for connected peripherals
Earthing point for point-to-point grounding of the peripherals
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