AVID Pro Tools® | HDX Bundle

# AVID554905
HDX TB 3 OMNI System Rack
AVID Pro Tools® | HDX Bundle: HDX TB 3 OMNI System Rack
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Avid is unveiling a slew of new offerings from Pro Tools software updates to new hardware. One of the new offerings centers around our powerful HDX systems, making them even easier to purchase and integrate into your studio.

Pro Tools | HDX is the most powerful audio DSP–enabled system, which provides users the complete confidence to record, edit, and mix large and complex sessions without worrying about latency or the lack of processing power. Plug-ins run on dedicated DSP chips on the powerful HDX PCIe cards, connected to high quality DigiLink I/O such as the Avid Pro Tools | HD OMNI, HD MADI, or MTRX, all connected to the industry standard Pro Tools | Ultimate DAW software. These components make up the bulk of what a typical HDX system looks like.

Bringing the power of HDX to your desktop and rack
In recent years, as laptops, iMacs, Mac minis, and other non-tower computers have become more powerful, users of external PCIe cards have increasingly turned to external Thunderbolt chassis. Recognizing this and wanting to deliver a superior experience when using HDX with the most modern machines, we've partnered with Sonnet to deliver a custom-built Thunderbolt 3 chassis, optimized for HDX. Available in desktop and rack-mounted varieties, the new chassis bring HDX out of the shadows, where it was previously hidden away in a traditional tower computer, and give it a form factor that is sleek, portable, and exceptionally quiet. Plus, the rackmount chassis can house not only one HDX card but also a Mac mini, enabling users to configure a completely self-contained HDX system in a 1U rack space.

But we are not stopping there. Pro Tools is more than just software—it's a solution. To that end, Avid is announcing brand new pre-configured and now Thunderbolt 3-enabled Pro Tools, DSP, and I/O solutions. These new bundles bring the industry's most powerful DSP- accelerated audio production system straight to your desktop or studio rack and include everything you need for a complete Pro Tools | HDX system in an easily connected, cost-effective package.

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 HD OMNI
Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 chassis combined with HD OMNI delivers the essentials for music or post-production and is ideal for anyone that need top sound quality in a convenient 1U form factor. Track with two pristine mic preamps and mix and monitor from stereo to 7.1 surround. Route audio independently from Pro Tools or even without turning on your computer with the 14-input persistent monitor mixer. Choose the Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Chassis if you are using a MacBook Pro, iMac, or other Thunderbolt-equipped Windows PC. Or install a Mac Mini alongside HDX in the rackmount chassis and configure a completely self-contained HDX system.
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