Lake People DAT RS 05

# LAKE065500
Reclocker/Format Converter/Volume Contr.
Lake People DAT RS 05: Reclocker/Format Converter/Volume Contr.
Estimated delivery: 2-5 workdays € 565,00 excl. VAT
Lake People DAT RS 05: Reclocker/Format Converter/Volume Contr. 2
Lake People DAT RS 05: Reclocker/Format Converter/Volume Contr. 4
- Clock Generator: generates precise clocks with phase jitter <10 x 10-12 s (picoseconds)
- Resampler: (ver) converts digital audio data to a different sample rate - Reclocker: refreshes the sample rate and the digital signal
- Jitter Eliminator: completely removes disturbing jitter
- Format Converter: converts balanced, unbalanced, optical audio data according to standards
- Digital volume control: controls the digital volume via potentiometer
- Optional remote control for input selection, sample rate selection and volume
- Optional FEMTO clock generator with phase jitter <90 x 10-15 s (femtoseconds)
- Optional USB input board

- Wordclock: Phase jitter < 10 x 10-12 s (Picosekunden)
- FEMTO Clock optional: Phasenjitter < 90 x 10-15 s (Femtosekunden)
- Resampler: changes digital Audiodata into a different Sample-Rate
- Reclocker: refreshes the Sample-Rate and digital Signal
- Jitter Eliminator: removes disturbing Jitter
- Format Converter: changes symmetric, asymmetric, optical Audio-Data.
- Digital Volume Control. Adjust the digital volume by means of a potentiometer.

SPDIF I/O: 1/1 (RCA)
AES/EBU I/O: 1/1 (XLR)
TOSLink I/O: 1
Wordclock I/O: 1
Sample frequency: up to 192 kHz
Bit depth: 24 Bit
Input sensitivity: 200 mV
Input impedance: 75 Ohm (SPDIF) _ 110 Ohm (AES/EBU)
SNR: > 138 dB
THD+N (@ -1 dBFs): < -137 dB
Interface: USB (optional)
Extras: optional remote control, USB interface and Femto-Clock
Power: 230 V / 115 V AC
Dimensions: 169 x 42 x 170 mm (BxHxT)
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