About Helios-Online

In our field Helios is considered an "old" company. Established in 1969 the company is active for more than 40 years. Even though the team of today is a different one, I, the present owner can proudly say to be involved since 1978.

So what distinguishes this webshop from many others?

Pro products from a Pro supplier
Nowadays one can find various pain relievers in the supermarket. Specialized medicine though is still supplied by pharmacies. The reason for that is obvious. Handling it the wrong way changes medicine into poison. Part of the audio products we offer can also be found in other webshops. We however, know what we're offering. This advantage doesn't cost you anything extra but it takes out a lot of worries.

One address, one front door
Helios-Online is not just a virtual shop. We are a company housed in a building with a front door. We are there for you, every working day. This website is managed by the people of Helios Pro Audio Solutions. When you give us a call, someone will always pick-up the telephone. With Helios-Online we assure you clear communication and smooth financial and logistic order processing.

No risks
Helios exists for over 40 years. We need to keep up our good name. Therefore you know who you are buying from. A trusted partner, no risk.

Quick and clear
The Helios-Online website is designed for business-to-business sales. Quick, and clear navigation, no unnecessary thrills; incorporating a super quick search engine.

3000+ products
Helios-Online offers you a wide range of products from different brands at attractive prices.

Comments and testimonials
Each customer is allowed to leave his or her comments. Whether it is positive or negative. As long as you stay away from profanity. Because of this you know exactly what other users think of a product.

What's the difference between Helios and Helios Online
Helios Pro Audio Solutions (website www.helios.nl) and Helios-Online are one and the same company. Managed by the same people. When you obtain your goods through Helios-Online, we reward you for taking up less of our time and for paying us in advance. Prices published on Helios-Online are therefore usually highly competitive. You will receive the same high quality aftersales. However, pre-sales is done by you.

So much for all the lip-service. How about the real world? Well, just start surfing through our webshop and see for yourself. Can't find what you are looking for? Please let us know. Fair chance we will have your product online within the hour.

Still hesitant? You prefer to see a product for yourself? Are you in for a turn-key solution? No problem there. You can find our services and accomplished projects at www.helios.nl.

And please feel free to contact us anytime.

Ulmt van der Linden
Managing Director
Helios BV