DAD AX Center

# DAD 064000
AD/DA Converter / Digital Matrix
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- Unmatched Sound Quality in Any Thunderbolt Audio Interface
- Tried & Trusted PRO|MON Monitor Control from Mono to Immersive
- SPQ Speaker Processing: 128 Channels with a Total of 1024 EQ Bands and Individual Channel Delay
- 256 Thunderbolt & 256 Dante Channels
- Tailor to Fit Any Need with Expandable & Customisable I/O

Even without utilising the expansion options, you will get access to that über-musical and finger-licking delicious audio quality that our converters and preamps have been loved for by many of the world's most acclaimed audio engineers and producers.

Easily accessible right in the front plate, you get two XLR / 1/4" Jack combo inputs for connecting microphones and instruments.

This is your right-out-of-the-box A/D conversion stage that is already coupled with the preamps that have only been available as part of our Analog In expansion card (with preamp license) until now.

DAD-ax-center-monitor-hp-outsOn the rear, you'll find one of two out-of-the-box D/A conversion stages, as you get two stereo outputs for connecting two sets of studio monitors on balanced jack connectors. We support that most studios - regardless of size - would like to have an alternative pair of studio speakers connected.

On the front, you get another D/A conversion stage via two independent headphones outputs - perfect for co-producing.

In total, AX Center provides you with 2 channels of A/D conversion (with preamps) and 8 channels of D/A conversion right out of the box.