Metric Halo Production bundle v4

# METR386201
Plugin bundle AU, AAX, VST
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Already familiar with the Production Bundle? Learn how v4 is different.
The MH Production Bundle is a suite of signal processing plug-ins that let you stop recording and start making records. With all the critical tools you need to shape, tame, manipulate, and master your tracks, it is the essential audio engineering toolset that no one should be without.
The Production Bundle includes 10 fantastic sounding plugins that will help you bring your work to new levels

The v4 AAX plugins are Native only. In order to support AAX DSP (e.g. Pro Tools HDX and Carbon), MH has developed v4 so that it may be co-installed with v3. The v3 plugins will continue to be used for DSP instances, and new DSP instances may be added with v3. v4 plugins can be inserted for Native instances. If the v3 plugins are not installed, Pro Tools will automatically migrate v3 instances to v4 Native. v3 Instances may be manually migrated by the user if both v3 and v4 are installed.
For current Metric Halo Production Bundle & plugin users, MH has been careful to ensure that old settings and presets are correctly loaded by the new plugins, and that the VST3 plugins provide compatible IDs for the VST2 plugins (and AU and AAX plugins also are configured to be fully ID compatible with the v1, v2, and v3 versions of the PB plugins) so the all existing sessions migrate forward seamlessly.

" Adds VST3 versions for all plugins on both macOS and Windows
" VST3 Apple Silicon Native support for Steinberg products (Cubase, Nuendo, etc).
" VST3 Native Sidechain Support for our plugins that provide Sidechain input.
" All plugins support AU, AAX, VST2 and VST3 on macOS.
" All plugins support AAX, VST2, and VST3 on Windows.
" Plug-in details pane (accessed by the MH Logo) that shows:
o About box
o Links to documentation, tech support and frequently asked questions
o Software update information and release notes
o Current release notes
o Plug-in Preferences

" Significantly reduced size download for the installers on macOS
" Adds a user configurable themes for most plugins
" Adds user selectable knob styles for many plugins
" Adds user preference for band colors
" Adds user preference UI colors
" Adds user preference for showing/hiding knob rings
" Refines layout and visuals of the UIs

System Requirements
" Mac OS X 10.10 or newer. Intel Processor or Apple Silicon. AU, VST 2 & 3 or AAX (Pro Tools 11 & newer Native) host. 64 bit.
" Windows 7 or newer. Intel Processor. VST or AAX (Pro Tools 10, 11 & 12 & Native) host. 64 bit.

Licensing Requirements
" account.
" License includes two activations for your account.
" iLok dongle is optional - you may install the license on your machine or on an iLok or the iLok Cloud for portability.
" Only one license required - works on all supported platforms