RTW TM9 20900 + HW20911

# RTW 061025
9'' Stereo PPM 8/8ch An.+Dig. in on SubD
RTW TM9 20900 + HW20911: 9'' Stereo PPM 8/8ch An.+Dig. in on SubD
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RTW TM9 20900 + HW20911: 9'' Stereo PPM 8/8ch An.+Dig. in on SubD 2
RTW TM9 20900 + HW20911: 9'' Stereo PPM 8/8ch An.+Dig. in on SubD 3
TouchMonitor TM9 with:

Standard Hardware
Table-top unit (approx. 245 x 185 x 45 mm, W x H x D) with easy-to-use graphical interface, 9" high-grade touch screen
(16 : 9 TFT) and mains adapter. Audio interface selection required (I/O options, see below).

Standard Software
Basic stereo PPM with analog scales (DIN +5, Nordic, British IIa, British IIb) and digital scales (0 to -60 dB, +3 to
-60 dB TruePeak, quasi-DIN, quasi-Nordic, quasi-British IIa and IIb). Other software modules available as Options.

Audio Interface:
8 analog inputs balanced (Sub-D)
8 digital inputs + 8 digital outputs (4 x AES3 In, 4 x AES3 Out, Sub-D)


The all-new TouchMonitor range is RTW's answer to growing requirements in today's production, post-production, and broadcast world. Equipped with high-grade 9" touch screen and an easy-to-use GUI, TouchMonitor enters a new level of professional audio metering in terms of precision, performance, efficiency and flexibility.

Simple and flexible
The graphical user interface used in the TouchMonitor TM9 is controlled simply by using your finger or a mouse. Instruments can be scaled, randomly positioned and combined in almost every way for optimized use of available screen space. Even multiple instruments of the same type, assigned to different input channels and configurations, can be displayed simultaneously. Plus, a context-sensitive, on-screen help feature supports the user, allowing him to make setup changes with ease.

- Easy and fast touch screen control with context-sensitive onscreen help
- Highly flexible screen layout options with scalable instrument
- Powerful DSP platform for parallel display of multiple instruments
- Various I/O options including analog, AES3, AES3id and 3G SDI
- Up to 32 input channels (TM9 w/ 3G SDI option only)
- Fully scalable, modular software approach for flexible configuration and easy on-site upgrades
- Ethernet/LAN, USB, VGA and GPIO ports
- 9" touch screen 16 : 9 TFT
- Table-top unit, approx. 245 x 185 x 45 mm (W x H x D), incl. mains adapter
- Flush mount versions available (please contact our sales department)
- Standard Software (2-ch. PPM, TruePeak meter, spot correlator)
- Other software modules available as options
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