Lake People MC50

# LAKE044950

Monitor Controller

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April 2024


The Lake People Monitor Controller MC50 offers two inputs, a slave output, two line outputs to connect amplifiers or active speakers, a true balanced headphone amplifier with 4 power stages equipped with front controlled Pre-Gain and X-Feed – thus much more than conventional Monitor Controllers in 19“, 1 U format. The complete set of stereo signal manipulation options, Solo L, Solo R, Channel Swap, Mono, Right Channel Phase Reverse and the high-quality RK27 volume control with 41-detent make it stand out from the crowd. In addition, it is as low in noise and distortion as physics allows.

The back connectors, stereo, all gold plated XLR:
- two balanced inputs (Input 1 und 2)
- one balanced Slave output, here the activated input signals without volume control can be found
- two balanced line outputs, controlled by the volume attenuator and the settings of the monitoring section to feed power amplifiers or active speakers

The inputs are either individually activated by a toggle switch on the front - or summed up, the active inputs are displayed by LEDs. Volume is controlled by a high-quality Alps RK27 potentiometer with 41-detent for precise settings. The 25 mm knob is made of solid aluminium. The stereo signal can be extensively manipulated by three toggle switches. The activated state is shown by LEDs. These functions comprise: STEREO / Ø = right channel inverted / SWAP = channels reversed / MONO / LEFT Solo / RIGHT Solo.

Special attention is paid to the headphone amps inside MC50. They consist in principle of two G111 amps and are able to supply balanced headphones “as it should” due to its four power stages. Because of the unique Pre-Gain function on the front panel virtually any headphone is perfectly adaptable. The Pre-Gain function offers six positions from -18 to +12 dB in steps of 6 dB. The X-Feed function serves to reduce the “In-Head-Localization” which is often found to be annoying and fatiguing when listening with headphones. X-Feed is activated by a switch and continuously variable with reasonable amounts. The active state is displayed by a LED.

The OUTPUT SELECT switches serve to activate the headphone path or the line outputs either separate or mutual. Active states are displayed by LEDs. With the MUTE switch all outputs are muted in common. The red mute LEDs also serves to display the protect-state of the amp which is automatically released under the following circumstances: delayed coupling of the headphone outputs after power on, DC monitoring, temperature monitoring. The “Illumination” trim is accessible with a small screwdriver and serves to adjust the brightness of the LEDs and the VU meters to the environment.

The illuminated VU meters will show the level of the input signals. The sensitivity is adjustable on the back of the case from 0 dBu up to +20 dBu.

The headphone connectors are situated on the front panel. The 1/4“ (6.3 mm) sockets serve to connect “standard“ headphones while the 4-pin XLR enables the connection of balanced headphones to take advantage of the full potential of the four power stages of the headphone amp.

(all values RMS unwtd. 10 Hz – 20 kHz):
Inputs, Analogue, Stereo: 2 x balanced, XLR, gold plated
Input Parameter: 10 kOhm Impedance, max. +22 dBu
Frequency Range: 5 Hz – 80 kHz (-0,5 dB)
Crosstalk: < -100 dB @ 1 / 15 kHz
THD+N: < -100 dB
Dynamic Range: > 125 dB
Slave Outputs, Stereo: 1 x balanced, XLR, gold plated
Line (Amp) Outputs, Stereo: 2 x balanced, XLR, gold plated
Output Parameter: 1 Ohm Output Impedance, max. +26 dBu
Headphone Amp: 2 x 1/4“ (6,3 mm), unbalanced, silver plated
1 x 4-pol XLR, balanced, gold plated

Headphone Amp
Max. Output Level @ 1 kHz / < 0,1 % THD+N, Both Channels driven

Power Supply: 115 / 230 V AC, max. 15 VA
Case: Stainless Steel
Front: Aluminium, black anodized
Case Dimensions: 19 x 1,75 x 6,5 “ (WxHxD) / 483 x 44 x 166 mm (BxHxT)
Over All Dimensions: 19 x 1,75 x 7,4 “ (WxHxD) / 483 x 44 x 188 mm (BxHxT)