Telefunken Elektroakustik M60 TRI-MONO Deluxe

# TELE305300
3 matched cardioide microphones
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The M60 Deluxe TRI-MONO Set ships complete with:
(3x) M60 FET microphone amplifiers
(3x) TK60 Cardioid capsules
(3x) TK61 Omnidirectional capsules
(3x) SD40 Diffusion Spheres
(3x) SGMC-5R XLR cables
(3x) M761 Elastic Shock Mounts
ZC63 Zipper Carrying Case

About the M60 FET:

The M60 is a re-interpretation of the classic FET mic amplifier featuring carefully selected and tested components that are hand-plugged into gold-plated circuit board. The output is matched with a custom American-made transformer that offers an especially low self-noise and a typical THD+N of 0.015% or better, making it ideal for critical recording applications.

The M60 amplifier, utilizing a unique proprietary circuit topology, produces an exceptional transient response and SPL handling capabilities. This ultra clean true Class A discrete amplifier with a frequency response of +/- 2dB from 20Hz to 50KHz, is ideal for classical or orchestral recording, in both small and large performance areas.

The three-microphone Decca tree configuration that was made famous with classical music recordings in the 1950s featured three M50 omni microphones positioned in a reverse "T" shape, most often located over the conductor's head. The most common Decca Tree setup employs 3x 1-meter bars from which the microphones hang in a triangle configuration; though larger and smaller bar sets can be used.

The capsule assembly of the historic M50 featured a 40mm acrylic sphere which was actually a "diffuse field sphere" built into the M50's capsule assembly. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has created removable diffuse field spheres as an accessory for the small diaphragm M60 FET and ELA M 260 tube microphones.

The addition of a diffuse field sphere is the most organic way to combat both effects; reducing the loss of high frequencies as well as minimizing the reverberant information. The sphere is an accessory that attaches to the capsule end of the microphone, which effectively makes the microphone's diaphragm part of the sphere as the sphere changes the shape of the transduction capsule. The result is a gradual and smooth rise in upper midrange and high frequency information captured by the microphone.

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