Trident Series 68-16

# TRID024400
16-CH 8 Buss Console, LED Meter Bridge
Trident Series 68-16: 16-CH 8 Buss Console, LED Meter Bridge
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Trident Series 68-16: 16-CH 8 Buss Console, LED Meter Bridge 2
Introducing the new Trident 68 analog console, a console which provides a new entry point to the much loved and revered Trident console range. The 68 has been designed with the quality and reliability you would expect from a Trident and the heritage of it predecessors. With a versatile feature set and 3 band EQ at the center of it all, the Trident 68 will bring an ease of use and all the advantages of an analog work surface to your studio, improving your workflow significantly.

Designed to provide the most features in a compact frame size, the 68 uses individual channels mounted in groupings of 8 for the inputs and splits the stereo master from the subgroups. This construction helps with ease of service over the life of the console, ensuring that it will last for decades to come. The Trident 68's ease of use is purposeful, from utilizing DB25 connections for studio cost savings and convenience, to keeping the most used features all within easy reach of your fingertips. Making the Trident 68' the most effective option for personal studios, education facilities and everything between.

Modularity Throughout
Incorporating a similar chassis design and LED meter bridge as on the Trident 78 and 88, the 68's have a rugged and proven core. The 68's new semi-modular design provides easy access to the console, in turn making future service quick and simple. The 68's are designed for longevity and reliability in all applications.
• All Input Channels are individual boards, faders included, each in an 8 channel pack.
• All Subgroups are individual boards, faders included, each in an 8 channel pack
• The Master Channel is an individual channel separated from all others.

Split/Inline Console
Since the inception of this configuration by Trident Audio on the A-Range console in the late 1960's it has been adopted throughout the industry and remains a standard configuration for our consoles today.
• Dual inputs to the Channels with Line and Monitor inputs
• 3 Band EQ with shelving, HIGH and LOW bands and peaking MID band with two bandwidth settings.
• 27dB of headroom
• Channel inserts
• Selectable EQ path

Microphone Preamp
The 68's incorporate a new high-quality wide bandwidth preamp design. These preamps have lots of headroom with very low noise, low distortion, a high slew rate, and high gain fully capable of driving ribbon microphones.
• 65dB Gain preamp • Input Reverse Switch
• Balanced inputs • Mic/Line Switch
• Balanced inserts with full bypass • Phantom Power Switch

Flexible EQ
An all-new Trident 3 Band EQ, derived from the classic Series 80 console, with overlapping frequency ranges is provided along with a switchable high pass filter. The HIGH and LOW sections of the equalizer have a shelving response and the MID has a peaking (bell) response with two selectable bandwidth settings.
• Sweepable shelving HIGH band • 50Hz High Pass Filter (18dB/Octave)
• Sweepable peaking MID • Selectable bandwidth between bandwidth selectable 1 & 1/3rd octave
• Sweepable shelving LOW band • Selectable Channel insert

Master Section
The master section of the 68's are laid out for ease of use and have all the necessary features to manage your monitors, talkback, and stereo returns. The 68's Master channel is an independent module from the rest of console. This ensures that your console's master output functions can be easily and quickly serviced with little or no downtime.
• Main & Alt Monitor Control
• Mute, Dim & Mono Controls
• Onboard Headphone with Gain Control
• 8 Subgroups
• Two 2 Track Returns
• Subgroup Monitor Returns
• 1 Stereo AUX
• 8 Stereo FX Returns
• 1/8" TRS Selectable input
• Onboard Talkback
• Selectable Insert Return

Trident 68 Dimensions
16 Channel: 85 x 73 x 31cm (WxDxH)
24 Channel: 110 x 73 x 31cm (WxDxH)
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