Grimm Audio SQM 1.0 XLRM/F (SET)

# GRIM422100
SQM XLR Cable 1,0m (set of 2)
Grimm Audio SQM 1.0 XLRM/F (SET): SQM XLR Cable 1,0m (set of 2)
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Grimm Audio SQM 1.0 XLRM/F (SET): SQM XLR Cable 1,0m (set of 2) 2
Text by Grimm Audio

Looking for a cable that ends your restless quest? Minimize microphony and maximize shielding. SQM: High End Audio cabling redefined. Through a rational approach, cable design is liberated from the mistiness. SQM is the outcome of the ultimate execution of that strategy. It results in an unrivalled transparency.

SQM takes the Grimm Audio cable philosophy of low microphonics and proper shielding to the next level. The resulting sound quality is a serious step up from Grimm's already excellent TPR cable. The way it treats reverb is astonishing, dynamics are greater, it sets a larger and deeper stereo image, and music flows in a disarmingly natural way.

Let's have a look inside SQM. Low microphony requires a meticulous choice of materials to minimize friction induced noise, plus a mechanically tight physical construction. SQM goes a step further here by using carbon doted sheaths around individual conductors and beneath the braided screen. To optimize immunity from electric and magnetic fields the screens are tightly woven (no 'see-through') and the conductors are well twisted. Magnetic shielding is further improved by the so called 'star-quad' construction after which "Star Quad Master" was named.

Like TPR, SQM is a balanced cable and we offer it with Neutrik gold plated XLRs. If unbalanced connections are required, SQM is terminated with superior WBT NextGen RCAs guaranteeing a solid audio contact. In our unbalanced assemblies special care is taken in that the function of the screen is restricted to what it should do (screening against hum and rf) and does not interfere in any way with the optimal magnetic shielding of the star quad system inside. Interestingly, some have used SQM as their loudspeaker cable and are very happy with the result, so we offer SQM with loudspeaker termination too.

o Star Quad wire layout for optimal suppression of magnetic fields
o Minimal microphony by means of carbon doted sheaths
o Tightly woven screen for optimal shielding
o Balanced version has Neutrik XLRs
o Unbalanced version has WBT NextGen RCAs
o Loudspeaker cable version available too
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