Grace Design FELiX 2 Black

# GRAC068002B
2-ch Instrument Preamplifier & Blender
Grace Design FELiX 2 Black: 2-ch Instrument Preamplifier & Blender
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Grace Design FELiX 2 Black: 2-ch Instrument Preamplifier & Blender 2
Grace Design FELiX 2 Black: 2-ch Instrument Preamplifier & Blender 3
Grace Design launched the original FELiX to an eager audience of discerning acoustic musicians who were hungry for a high quality stage preamp / EQ / DI. It delivered a previously unavailable combination of audio performance and rugged stage functionality and helped usher in a renaissance of connoisseur-level acoustic instrument tone to stages and studios around the world.

Now, 6 years later and this little champion gets some thoughtful feature and performance tweaks, along with a simple new name - FELiX 2. New features include:

o New dual mono or true stereo FX loop allows for independent FX loops on either channel or stereo FX operation with mono or stereo in
o Stereo amp output for connecting to stereo stage amp rig
o Stereo headphone output for stereo headphone bliss

o Built in variable phase control on channel 2 allows users to adjust mic / pickup blending systems to be perfectly phase coherent

o HIGH shelving EQ control updated to include 2 transition frequency settings at 1k and 2k, allowing for more flexible high frequency tone control
o New notch filter uses a much higher Q setting for better surgical control of problem frequencies

o Class II power supply eliminates ground loops when connecting to stage amps and other on-isolated stage equipment

o New protective side rails and slightly lower profile knobs to help protect controls from extra left feet and floppy stray instrument cables
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