AVID Pro Tools | MTRX Dante

# AVID415036
128 Channel IP Audio Dante Module
AVID Pro Tools | MTRX Dante: 128 Channel IP Audio Dante Module
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This option card enables up to 1,088 audio channels over Dante audio-over-IP into a single MTRX. It also allows for two layers of routing precision, first via Dante and then again via MTRX, and all in the digital domain.

Avid Pro Tools MTRX 128 Channel Dante Card is a 128-channel IP Audio expansion card for Pro Tools MTRX capable of interfacing 128 bi-directional channels of Dante or AES67 low-latency, real-time IP Ethernet audio.

With eight slots available on MTRX for expansion cards, you could ultimately have up to 1,088 Dante/AES67 channels, including the 64 channels that comes as standard, at 48 kHz. The Dante card has onboard sample rate conversion for both input and output signals, enabling separation between the clock synchronization of the MTRX and other Dante audio devices interfacing the expansion card.

MTRX 128 Channel Dante Card
128 channels @ 48 kHz / 64 channels @ 96 kHz / 32 channels @ 192 kHz
Independent Sample Rate Conversion
Dual Redundancy Ethernet Ports
AES67 Support
Up to 8 cards in a Single MTRX Mainframe

Film Production (Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite)
Music Production
Live Sound & Events

The Dante card can operate either as a single 128x128 channel interface with a switch for the two Ethernet connectors or redundantly, where the two Ethernet connecters are connected to different networks each carrying 128x128 channels. If more cards are installed, each card can be connected to a different network or more cards can be connected to the same network via an external Ethernet switch or by bridging the network between the cards when operating in non-redundant mode.

The Dante card can operate in Dante mode or AES67 mode with support for discovery via SAP. In Dante mode, Dante Domain Manager (DDM) is supported for enhanced network management functionality. Configuration of the card is managed via DADman.

Independent Sample Rate Conversion
The MTRX 128 Channel Dante expansion card features per-card sample rate conversion, which by using more cards allows several independent audio networks that run on individual clocks and sample rates to be connected to and unified in a single MTRX unit.

This naturally unleashes a wealth of possibilities for distributing audio across sources and destinations on highly complex setups that e.g. involve sending a feed to an OB truck, while recording at a different sample rate and sending yet another feed to a FOH console or an in-ear monitoring system.

Simply adding more Dante channels may sound trivial, but once you start to think about the actual problems that this amount of channels in combination with independent sample rate conversion is capable of solving, it's a quite significant improvement of the overall system.

For instance, the new Dante card will immediately be able to solve real-world challenges in regard to high channel counts when working with Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite, as well as in recording studios where Dante based monitoring systems are used, but there is a need to record at a different sample rate or in Live applications where there Dante networks have to be kept physically separated when operating on different clocks.
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