SPL Hermes

# SPL 025200
120 Volts Mastering Router
SPL Hermes: 120 Volts Mastering Router
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SPL Hermes: 120 Volts Mastering Router 2
SPL Hermes: 120 Volts Mastering Router 4
SPL Hermes: 120 Volts Mastering Router 5
Mastering Router with dual Parallel Mix
Hermes revolutionizes Mastering. Now it is possible to route an audio signal through up to eight dual-channel processors in any order. User definable presets allow the comparison of complex processing chains with just a flip of a button.

In addition, Hermes has two integrated parallel mix stages that work with any of the eight processors allowing for comparison of two compressors with different parallel mix settings. The parallel mix stages are stored with the processing chains.

Hermes routing is entirely passive using gas-capsuled and gold-plated high-end relays. All active electronics like the I/O stages and the Parallel Mixes use SPL's proprietary and unequaled 120V Technology.

Hermes speeds up the workflow in mastering in ways that were previously extremely difficult, and makes the most out of your existing mastering gear. Repatching to hear a simple change is a thing of the past with Hermes – you can change processor sequences on the fly, store them, and compare settings instantly. All with real switches, relays and no software application.

Mastering router for 8 dual-channel processors
Two Parallel Mix stages
Create, store and compare complex processing chains
With gain compensation
Fast comparison of up to 4 processing chains
Can be assigned to any device
Fully passive routing using
120V Technology
Gold-plated and gas-capsuled relays
Label mode to enter device names
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