Metric Halo 3d Card for ULN-8/LIO-8

# METR389120
DSP card + USB-C/MHL I/O
Metric Halo 3d Card for ULN-8/LIO-8: DSP card + USB-C/MHL I/O
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The LIO8 / ULN8 3D upgrade card is a user-installable (1), internal expansion board for Metric Halo LIO8 and ULN8 audio interfaces offering cutting edge functionality and seamless compatibility with the latest in computer audio technology.

3D replaces the ULN8 or LIO8's built-in digital and computer interfacing board to enable not only USB-C connectivity, but also MH Link - Metric Halo's low-latency and high-bandwidth audio/clock/data transfer via Gigabit Ethernet, and MH EdgeBus - a newly designed audio card expansion slot with a huge range of available options including S/PDIF, AES, ADAT and MADI.

The new hardware upgrade also supports a palette of new software functionality including MH Console - Metric Halo's 64-bit lightning-fast I/O grid application with flexible routing, MH Mixer for 128 input zero-latency mixing, MH Monitor for surround capable system processing and MH Record - a dedicated 128 input multitrack recorder complete with deep-hardware integration.

Main Features
- USB-C Connectivity
- 2x GigE MH-Link ports
- 75? BNC Word Clock I/O
- Includes AES/SMPTE/MIDI Gasket board
- Ships with 1x USB-A to USB-C cable and 1x 1ft Cat 5e cable and EdgeBus Slot blanking cover

(1) A warning: converting a 2d interface into 3d is not a small task. If you are familiar with electronics, switching PCBs and flat cables, with mechanics (replacing rear) and performing a firmware update, then this is the job for you. But if that is not the case, we advise you to have the upgrade carried out by us.
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