Lynx Studio Technology LT-TB3

# LYNX385216
L-Slot Thunderbolt interface card
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The LT-TB3 is the latest in a series of LSlot connectivity cards available for the acclaimed Aurora(n) and Hilo A/D and D/A converter interfaces. The LT-TB3 allows the Aurora(n) and Hilo to have direct connectivity to Thunderbolt 3TM equipped devices without the need of Thunderbolt adapters. Other LSlot modules available include Dante, USB and ProTools|HD versions. Lynx's continual LSlot module development ensures the Aurora(n) and Hilo will continue to be compatible with the future high performance connectivity standards for both PC and Mac. Please note that the due to the size of the card itself, the LT-TB3 is not compatible with the classic "silver" Aurora models. It simply will not fit.

While primarily designed to withstand the rigors of 4K video data, Thunderbolt 3 provides the fastest, lowest latency and most stable connectivity solutions for audio devices such as the Aurora(n) and Hilo. Like its predecessors Thunderbolt 1 TM and Thunderbolt 2 TM, Thunderbolt 3 TM provides ample bandwidth to handle high channel count at the highest sample rates. Whereas some Thunderbolt equipped converters are limited to two units and 32 analog channels, the LT-TB3 can be used in a chain of up to 6 Aurora(n) converters for up to 192 analog channels on one Thunderbolt port with plenty of bandwidth to spare!

The LT-TB3 LSlot card can be installed into any existing Hilo or Aurora(n) with an easy and free firmware update.

LT-TB3 Preliminary Data

o Available for Aurora(n) and Hilo
o Officially certified by Apple and Intel for Mac and Windows
o Supports up to 6 Thunderbolt devices total, plus a display
o Compatible with Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 devices (with customer supplied adapter)
o Supports up to 40Gbps bi-directional data speed
o Integrates seamlessly with Aurora(n) and Hilo