Grimm Audio CC1 MK2

# GRIM010112
High End Master Clock
Grimm Audio CC1 MK2: High End Master Clock
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Grimm Audio CC1 MK2: High End Master Clock 2
Grimm Audio CC1 MK2: High End Master Clock 3
Grimm Audio CC1 MK2: High End Master Clock 4
Tekst van Grimm Audio:
Grimm Audio's CC1 MK2 brings the incredible clock stability of the AD1 to your current setup! The CC1 MK2 accepts Word Clock and distributes a super high quality Word Clock and AES/EBU sync to all equipment in your system. Now, any studio can benefit from some of the features of our AD1's unique sound quality like ultimate musical timing and stability of tone.

Grimm Audio's extensive research into the correlation between jitter and sound quality brought to light that emotional response to music is vastly more sensitive to jitter than previously realized. Attention turned from "making jitter low" to achieving the most stable clock possible. This research turned up a surprising array of previously underestimated performance factors like power supply noise, oscillator control circuit noise and low-level crosstalk. Owing to a radically redesigned discrete crystal oscillator, clock stability betters that of even the best test equipment available.

A careful redesign of the pcb boards and improved crystal selection brought the CC1 MK2 in line with our most recent insight in clocking. The jitter was reduced to a staggeringly low 0.6ps (10Hz onwards), an improvement of more than 10dB compared to our classic model. As a finishing touch the laser engraved stainless steel back panel makes the CC1 MK2 shine even more. Unchanged are the stellar PLL performance, 16 flexible wordclock outputs and the AES reclocking option for external converters syncing to AES3.

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