Neutrik NPPA-TT-SD25

# NEUT069010
TT DB25 patchbay
Neutrik NPPA-TT-SD25: TT DB25 patchbay
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Text by Neutrik:

`Easy Patch` Patch Panel, 2 x 48 TT (Bantam) jacks, half normalled, fast and easy wiring, standardized multipin connector, 12x25 female pole D-Sub, individual grounding in shipping condition

Design Criteria
All panels are fitted with high quality, long life NJ3TTA gold plated double contact jacks (2x48), featuring drastically improved contact integrity. The unit is finished off with a built in cable bar and two large channel ident strips for perfect management of the system. The new generation of the Neutrik "Easy-Patch" is easily programmable for any one of five configurations (standard is half normalled bottom row) and for the grounding system of your choice. Each individual pair of jacks can be changed or reconfigured quickly and without fuss even while the panel is "on air". The NJ3TTA jacks offer also two contact points per terminal (TRS) with a special designed mechanism for the normalling contact. Simply remove the front panel to reveal the easy access jack. Remove, replace or reconfigure the jack and refix the panel. The "Easy-Patch" is an innovative and compact patching system (just 1U high) for 19" rack mounting. Robustly housed in a black coated steel shell and featuring precision aluminium fittings it is built to last.

The flexible grounding system provides the following versions:

•Individual: Each channel is individually grounded by its corresponding cable shield (default configuration).
•Group: Selected channel grounds are connected via the ground bus on the PCB using solder bridges and track cuts to form a group that is connected to one common cable shield.
•Central: All channel grounds (individual top and bottom row) are connected via the ground bus on the PCB using solder bridges and wired with only one cable shield.
•Chassis-Common: The same as central grounding but with the addition of the common ground bus (top and / or bottom rows) connected to the patch panel chassis by means of jumpers.
•Bridge Sleeve: It's also possible to bridge the sleeve contacts of top and bottom row without grouping of channels.

Features & Benefits
•Innovative and compact patching system (just 1U high) for 19" rack mounting
•Easy wiring due to 25 pole D-Sub connectors, Tascam DA-88 Analog I/O printout. 25 pole D-Sub to XLR multicores are widely-used and easy available.
•Robustly housed in a black coated steel shell
•High quality long life gold plated Neutrik prewired double jacks with drastically improved contact integrity
•Qualified for analog and digital signals acc. AES3, 48 kHz sampling frequency
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