ATP Drumbase

# ATP 425100
Strong Portable Drumkit Isolation Floor
ATP Drumbase: Strong Portable Drumkit Isolation Floor
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ATP Drumbase: Strong Portable Drumkit Isolation Floor 4
ATP Drumbase: Strong Portable Drumkit Isolation Floor 5
ATP Drumbase: Strong Portable Drumkit Isolation Floor 6
The ATP DRUMBASE is an anti-vibration platform for drum sets which is composed of 9 pieces that fit together and make up a total area of 4m2 (2m x 2m).

The material used in its base is non-skid, closed-cell, made of recycled rubber, and its density is duly adjusted. In order to exert the best inertia on the physical propagation of energy, we took into account the weight of both the instrument and the musician, as well as the weight of the reverberated movements that are made when the musician is playing.

It is easily mounted by fitting together the several modules on the floor or the stage. It just takes two minutes for your DRUMBASE to be ready. The 9 modules fit together in a perfect way, thereby preventing them from getting separated due to oscillations during performance. It has a carpet finishing.

The DRUMBASE is a great tool to optimise the sound of your drum kit and is excellent to be used at live or in the studio.

We offer a carrying-bag and a pencil to mark the position of the several pieces that lay on the platform.

* Anti-vibration platform.
* Dimensions: 1970 x 1970 x 27mm.
* Packaging: 1 kit (9 pieces).
* Installation: by embedding.
* Use: at live and in studio.
* Fits the standard size of stage platforms.
* Manufactured with 60% recycled material.
* Provided with carrying-bag.
* Colour: gray

note: Contact us for a delivery costs quote. Due to size and weight of the product normal shipping costs do not apply
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