Jürgen Roth about PSI Audio A21-M and A17-M.

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Film sound engineer Jürgen Roth uses PSI Audio monitors in his studios. The experienced engineer regularly works on established TV productions and was involved with very popular movies. In his surround studio in Munich he uses a setup of PSI Audio A21-M for left, right and center channels, A17-M as surround speakers and the A225-M subwoofer. Since upgrading his home studio to PSI Audio, Roth can easily transfer his work between the studios – and even large cinema auditoriums. The speakers provide the sonic reliability Roth had missed for too long: "The PSI Audio speakers are the only ones to achieve this feat – so I will stick with them for as long as I work."
Jürgen Roth about PSI Audio A21-M and A17-M.

A professional needs to be able to rely on their monitoring system. Jürgen Roth, responsible for the sound of popular TV and movie productions, trusts in precision monitor speakers from PSI Audio. Due to the Swiss loudspeakers' incredible accuracy, Roth can even switch between studios while the sound of his work remains constant.

TV and movies in outstanding quality: Jürgen Roth
Jürgen Roth is not new to the world of audio. He was one of the first students at the SAE Institute in Munich and eventually graduated from the SAE headquarters in Sydney. After years of working in advertising, Roth finally came to produce movies. "I started making feature films back then and have been doing pretty much everything in the field since then. Sound design, voice-over recordings, dub recordings, mixing – just everything." His list of references features popular productions such as successful German western parody "Manitu's Shoe" and the long-running true crime show "Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst" (which spawned English adaptations like "Crimewatch" and "America's Most Wanted").

Precision you can rely on
Being involved in renowned productions, Jürgen Roth requires tools to bank on. He chose high precision monitor speakers from Swiss manufacturer PSI Audio. "I made the best experiences with PSI Audio," the sound engineer says. "I often do pre-mixes in my studio on the PSI Audio monitors before going to a cinema sound studio for the final mix. Since I use PSI Audio, I encounter no sound differences between the two different environments." Jürgen Roth also began to switch between his studio in Munich and a second studio he set up in his house in Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany. "That way I do not have to drive all the way to Munich every day. For the second studio, I had ordered other monitors of approximately the same size, but they just did not work for me. So I got PSI Audio speakers there, too. I am very happy with my A21-M!"

Surround setups with Swiss quality
Working in film sound, surround capabilities are essential for Jürgen Roth. He uses a setup of three A21-M for left channel, right channel and center plus two A17-M as surround speakers in his Munich studio. The accurate calibration in the PSI Audio manufacture enables this mixing of different models while fully retaining the sonic stage. An A-225 subwoofer adds additional clarity and range to the low end, presenting LFE signals both prominently and precisely.

Phantom for the center – works perfectly!
In his home studio, Roth has not enough space for a dedicated center speaker, which is why he only set up left and right channels. "I work with the phantom center at home. It is incredible with these speakers, the phantom source is right in the center!" The accurate reproduction of PSI Audio studio monitors enables Roth to prepare mixes in the studio of his private home and then take them to his Munich studio to finish them – without having to get accustomed to the monitoring system again each time. The PSI Audio speaker precision remains the same.