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ISOTEK TITAN EVO 3: Spanningsstabilisator
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The Titan is a high quality filter designed specifically for power amplifiers. The filter has virtually unlimited power and because of this we are able to achieve a transient of 23,000 watts!

A little over two years ago we advocated that power amplifiers benefited from a clean supply This was based upon our research that every component within a system benefited from specific tailored filtering solutions. We felt it was not enough to isolate components from noise on the mains alone. Our research showed that as a component draws power the mains supply is corrupted, basically anything with a power supply would cause this result. Our original SubStation allowed users to specify specific filters for each application. We later advocated larger over engineered isolation transformers for power amplifiers, we called these the 'Qube' and released three versions 1000, 2000 and 4000VA.

A maximum power multiplier was used, if a component drew 500 watts at peak then this figure should be doubled and then doubled again to protect against transient information loss. At the time we felt that they offered the best possible solution. New research breakthroughs show we can do better.

Although there are many things a good isolation transformer can deliver there are, however, several downsides which no matter how hard one tries cannot be overcome. Even though we specified extremely large isolation transformers a reduction in transient response was almost inevitable. This was simply down to various forms of insertion loss within the transformer itself. This is caused by the transformer having a higher impedance than the mains supply typically would.

In order to overcome the limiting factors of isolation transformers we recognised a fundamental shift in thinking was required. Calculations suggest that the typical transient energy available from a typical 13amp mains socket is equivalent to 23,000 watts. In an ideal world, to obtain the best results, the absolute minimum size of isolation transformer if used for filtering would be 23,000 watts. This is obviously a ludicrous suggestion. Although it's anybody's guess what a true mains transient is, we feel this figure stands reasonable scrutiny and maybe a minimum.

It became apparent, almost immediately, that we could not possibly offer this specification, it also became apparent that in order to achieve what we felt was required, we had to.
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