Customer Service : Ordering at Helios Online

Ordering in the capacity of a consumer

With regards to legislation concerning "returning unwanted goods", European law differentiates between consumers and companies. The rules regarding  "returning unwanted goods" are such, that bounded by various restrictions, consumers have the right to return goods within a certain period.

This law was designed to protect people making online purchases. Webshops usually  do not offer the possibility to try or inspect a product prior to purchase. Therefore a consumer is not always sure of what he or she is buying.

Contrary to most webshops Helios represents a physical shop, a front door and a showroom where one is welcome during opening hours. The webshop is managed by people of the Helios Pro Audio Solutions team. We are always available for questions via telephone. Upon request, we supply you with support and advice.

At Helios, therefore, you do know what you are buying. This justifies why we ask our consumer clients to resign from claiming the right to return unwanted goods.  

When you are uncertain of the functionality or sonic qualities of a product, we urge you to contact our team before making a purchase. If wanted, and possible, we will facilitate a demonstration in our showroom.

If you are familiar with the product you are intending to buy and do not have any questions, nothing stands in your way to make your purchase. We are looking forward to serve you as our client!

Payment methods

You can pay via upfront bank wire or credit card. If you have a Dutch banking account you can choose to pay via iDEAL.

If you order a product that is not in stock, it is required that payment is received before we order your products for you.

Shipping costs

For the Netherlands:
If your total order value exceeds € 250,- ex. VAT we will charge no additional shipping costs. For orders below €250,- ex. VAT we charge €10,50 ex. VAT.

For other EU countries we charge €15,- ex. VAT, independent of the order value.

For goods exceeding specific dimensions or weight, we reserve the right to charge conforming shipping costs, always in consultation with you, the customer.

Ordering from outside the European Union

Before ordering from a country outside the European Union, one must consider the following:


Delivery address and invoice address must be one and the same when ordering in the capacity of a company. It is not possible to ship to one address and invoice to another. The supplied address must be the same as the address to which the VAT registration of your company is specified.


Company or personal details cannot be changed after placing an order. If, in case of an emergency, it is absolutely necessary to change contact details we retain the right to charge you any costs that this might impose on Helios, in the form of added work.


You, the customer, are responsible for any import duties that might arise upon the goods entering your country.  Helios does not advance costs of import duty or any other charges.


The client retains the right, in consultation with Helios, to arrange his/her own shipment. Your order can be picked up at Helios in Haarlem at a specified time on work days between 9:30 and 18:00 in which case any arrangements and costs are to be handled by you, the customer. If preferred, Helios will arrange a transport quotation and handle the shipment. All costs are to be carried by you, the customer, unless otherwise agreed upon with Helios, in writing.


Shipping costs for orders outside the European Union will always be calculated on request. You will receive a revised order confirmation including the shipping quotation after placing your order. Please note that some time might pass between placing your order and receiving a shipping quotation since parcel size and weight must be calculated and communicated with our transport partners.


If an item is not in stock, we will order it after receiving your payment on our bank account. Since a screenshot of your online bank transfer has no legal value, we do not order upon viewing any such document.